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 Foodie  May 2010

Traditionally Tuscan Cavallucci
They look and taste authentically Italian but they’re made in Christchurch. Cavallucci are rustic-looking, spicy walnut biscuits with an additional tang of citrus peel and a hint of aniseed. Cavalluci, literally “little horses” can be traced to 16th Century Siena where they were enjoyed by stable- hands and travelers. Try them as a change from biscotti – not as dry and with a slightly chewy centre.
Traditionally Tuscan Cavallucci, 275 gram packet $9.99

Excerpt: Howick and Pakuranga Times  11 November 2010

They look and taste Italian, but they’re made in Christchurch, New Zealand.
Recipes for these flourless and dairy-free almond macaroons date back to the 14th century.
A magical mix of ground almonds, sugar, egg whites and orange creates a cookie with a crackly surface and a moist nutty centre. Team them up with any creamy or fruit dessert, or just nibble with a sticky dessert wine.

They are simply divine with a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

A packet of six costs $10.99.

Excerpt : The Press, Christchurch  15 February 2012

Paula and Gianni Barbafiera, of Traditionally Tuscan, started to make their Panforte di Siena in their native South Africa after Gianni's grandmother died and their regular supply of panforte ceased.

They spent years working with only the memory of the taste to achieve the perfect panforte, which happily coincided not only with the family's move to Christchurch but the opening of the Mediterranean Food Company in the city, who now stock the Barbafiera's Panforte di Siena.

Excerpt : Foodworks 15 February 2012

The other Canterbury winners are Mowbray Fine Foods Traditional Pork Pies, Mariano Vivas’s Malaguena Spanish Sausage and Traditionally Tuscan’s panforte di Siena, whose award-winning products were inspired by traditional family recipes from their native homelands ....

Excerpt : Voxy  15 February 2012
The fourth annual Cuisine Artisan Awards, proudly supported by Caffe L'affare, attracted a huge number of entries from small artisan food producers from around the country, with the judging panel of top food experts selecting 12 winning products. The winners range from a traditional English pork pie from Rangiora and French-inspired sea-salt caramels from Wellington, to Dutch stroopwafels from Waihi, and to Spanish sausage and Italian panforte from Christchurch.

Christchurch Farmers Market, Riccarton House

The Cuisine Artisan Awards were announced in February - CONGRATULATIONS to our very own Mariano's Spanish Goods, Mowbray Fine Foods English Pork Pies, and Traditionally Tuscan Panforte di Siena. Be sure to visit them at the market and see why their products are so fantastic!

TV 2  Erin Simpson Show  21 May 2012


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Christchurch Farmers Market!tanner-street-bakery

Even more about us...

The Story So Far...

We are often asked how it is that two South Africans come to be making authentic Italian dolce in New Zealand!
The story begins with Gianni’s family.  Nonna Lida would send Panforte every Christmas to her son Carlo in South Africa.

Cuisine Awards 2012

The pretty paper package is tied with brown string and stamped with a red wax seal – open it and the rich aromas of fruit and spices rise up to greet you. Paula Barbafiera’s taken care to ensure that her panforte di Siena is every bit as authentic...

Introducing Panforte

Panforte is the sweet spice and nut cake of the Tuscan city Siena, its origins dating back in time to before the first medieval Crusades. In accordance with ancient tradition, 17 ingredients go into the making of this cake in honour of the 17 contrade or