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The Story So Far

Traditionally Tuscan is a wholesale bakery owned and operated by Paula and Gianni Barbafiera.

We are often asked how it is that two South Africans come to be making authentic Italian dolce in New Zealand!  The story begins with Gianni’s family.  Nonna Lida would send Panforte every Christmas to her son Carlo in South Africa. The eagerly anticipated treat would be savoured, for it came but once a year.  After a time Lida passed away and the annual Panforte arrival stopped.  We were determined to recreate this wonderful specialty for ourselves and our family and so began a long journey to discover all the secrets of authentic Sienese Panforte.

After much trial and error we perfected our recipe, which coincided happily with our immigration to New Zealand in 1996.  It was another four years before we settled in Christchurch and began selling our Panforte di Siena - Traditionally Tuscan was born!  We were thrilled with the positive response, and soon our two baking tins were not quite doing the job!

We expanded our range to include 5 types of Panforte and a range of biscuits.  Our packaging was developed with a nod to the authentic origins of our recipes and methods and before we knew it, a thriving boutique bakery was a fully fledged business.  We continue to supply gourmet food outlets across New Zealand with our expanded product range and have been thrilled to open a small retail bakery (Tanner Street Bakery) at our premises located at The Tannery Complex, Woolston, Christchurch.

A new chapter begins...  After the Christchurch earthquakes in 2010 and 2011, we found ourselves working in a temporary kitchen where we met a fellow Artisan in the person of Jeremy MacCormack of Bellbird Baked Goods.  With different but complimentary products and skills, the seed of a joint venture was sown and in late 2012 we moved to TheTannery complex in Woolston.  Having established our respective wholesale bakeries and settled in to the still developing Tannery, we launched  our retail shop ,Tanner Street Bakery,  in October 2013.   At the Bakery you will find products from the combined talents of Traditionally Tuscan and Bellbird bakers. Bread, pastries, cakes, biscuits, coffee and light lunch items all vie for your attention in this compact space – a best kept secret spot for some of the best baked goods in Christchurch!

Traditionally Tuscan

The Story So Far...

We are often asked how it is that two South Africans come to be making authentic Italian dolce in New Zealand!
The story begins with Gianni’s family.  Nonna Lida would send Panforte every Christmas to her son Carlo in South Africa.

Cuisine Awards 2012

The pretty paper package is tied with brown string and stamped with a red wax seal – open it and the rich aromas of fruit and spices rise up to greet you. Paula Barbafiera’s taken care to ensure that her panforte di Siena is every bit as authentic...

Introducing Panforte

Panforte is the sweet spice and nut cake of the Tuscan city Siena, its origins dating back in time to before the first medieval Crusades. In accordance with ancient tradition, 17 ingredients go into the making of this cake in honour of the 17 contrade or